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Aussie Biscuits first started production in 1976 producing Jam Drop biscuits in our Forbes factory as a business enterprise of House With No Steps – creating employment opportunities for people with a disability. The Jam Drop biscuits were lovingly made by hand, scooping the biscuit dough and placing them on rack oven trays. We made approx. 600 biscuits per day back then.

Today Aussie Biscuits now produces 39,000 biscuits per day (still made with love) and continues to create employment opportunities for people with a disability.
Our products are delicious! We make quality biscuits for the retail market, hospitality industry and fundraising groups.

Back in the 70’s when we first started… our recipes were donated to House With No Steps by Mrs Hudson, a member of the HWNS Ladies Auxiliary, instrumental in supporting and raising money for House With No Steps.

Times have changed and we now have 6 amazing flavours – some that have stood the test of time and been favourites for almost 40 years, and some new flavours which are truly impressive.

We now produce 6 popular flavours: Jam Drop, Anzac, Ginger, Choc Chip and the newest additions, Macadamia and Shortbread.

Meet Paul – A proud Aussie Biscuits Employee

Paul always has a huge smile on his face making him such a pleasure to work with. Paul has been working at Aussie Biscuits for over 21 years and loves it. He has the important task of placing the delicious biscuits on the conveyor belt so they can be lovingly wrapped and prepared for distribution by the rest of the Aussie Biscuits team.


“I like to come to work each day so I can be with my friends and pack biscuits on the machines”

– Paul