About our organisation

For more than 50 years, House with No Steps has been supporting people with a disability to live a good life as valued members of their community.

With our services and businesses across NSW, Qld and the ACT, we’re one of Australia’s largest disability organisations.

We provide support and disability services for all people with a disability to achieve their goals and fulfil their potential. Whether you’re looking for a job, a place to call home or new ways to make friends, we’ll work with you to plan for and achieve your goals.

The team with a winning spirit: Let’s Go!

At House with No Steps, we’ve been agents for change since the 1960s when our founder, Lionel Watts, made it his mission to break down barriers for people with a disability.

Life isn’t a contest, but we believe everyone can feel like a winner when they’re experiencing a full and valued life. We work as a team with the people we support, their families and carers to visualise and reach for the dreams and goals that mean something to them.

It’s about setting exciting and inspiring goals, then mentoring, advising, facilitating and motivating people to achieve their unique future.

That’s why we think of ourselves as coaches rather than supporters. We’re not here to cheer people on from the sidelines. It’s our purpose to do everything we can to enable the people we support to know what they want and to succeed in getting it. We won’t settle for anything less than a future that’s ideal for each individual.

If we can be 100% open minded and innovative in providing motivation, inspiration and practical support, the opportunities for people with a disability are infinite. We are ready.

Let’s Go!

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